We are a specialized family law firm.  We concentrate our efforts on resolving family law disputes in four ways:

  • Mediation:  Mediation is a process by which an impartial neutral person – usually a family law attorney – visits with one spouse and his or her lawyer, then the other spouse and his or her lawyer.  The process normally takes all day.  With the back and forth, and a true desire to resolve the controversy, mediation is often successful – all our attorneys represent clients in mediation.
  • Collaborative Law:  This new dispute-resolution technique involves the spouses and their attorneys sitting down together during a number of brief (usually two-hour) sessions.  The object is to identify what each spouse wants and needs post-divorce with emphasis on the spouses reaching agreements acceptable to both of them and avoiding a judge deciding their case.  Has been a leader in the collaborative law movement and has published a book on the subject called “Divorce Without Disaster.”  Lawyers received collaborative law training.
  • Trial:  When settlement efforts fail, we are prepared to resolve disputes by trial, whether to the court or by jury.  All our attorneys try divorce and child custody cases as necessary.
  • Appeals:  At times, a trial court will reach a decision that is incorrect under the law or constitutes an abuse of discretion.  When such an event occurs, we will appeal a case.  Supervises the firm’s appellate practice.

Not all family law matters are disputes.  Our practice includes, for example, drafting of prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, obtaining adoptions, processing of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and other “office” type legal services.