It is becoming increasingly easier to garner unwanted attention or even face potential punishment as a result of posts made on Facebook. Unfortunately, some situations occur in which individuals can get themselves into trouble on Facebook through self-incriminating disclosures. Some of the most common examples of self-incrimination on Facebook include individuals who post photographs or updates on Facebook having to do with criminal activity like drug possession. Individuals who face legal repercussions as a result of disclosures made on Facebook frequently obtain the services of skilled criminal legal counsel. In addition to retaining the services of a skilled attorney, individuals in Los Angeles also benefit from understanding how self-incrimination occurs through Facebook use. 

Direct Admissions As Means For Facebook Self-Incrimination 

The most common way in which individual perform self-incrimination on Facebook is through direct admissions. Posting a comment that demonstrates an individual committed, was involved in, knew about, or in any way participated in the commission of an illegal activity can result in adverse legal action being taken against the individual. It must be noted that in addition to making comments on Facebook, posting revealing photographs or videos can also result in self-incrimination. 

Associations And Affiliations 

There are several other methods on Facebook besides direct admissions that individuals must be aware of that can result in self-incrimination. In addition to Facebook posts, individuals must be careful about who the individual connects with on social media. This type of self-incrimination tends to most often occur in issues that occur gang activity. Additionally, pictures on Facebook showing an individual involved with or even near stolen property can also potentially result in individuals facing adverse legal consequences. 

Self-Incrimination Through Location Details On Facebook    

Many individuals are not aware that there is another type of self-incrimination that occur on Facebook. This method of self-incrimination is more subtle than other methods. Details about an individual’s or any place that an individual “checked into” on Facebook, can self-incriminate an individual about certain activity. Sometimes, individuals are not even aware that some Facebook applications are tracking a user’s location without the user’s knowledge. 

Important Reminders About Self-Incrimination On Facebook 

In addition to these various methods of self-incrimination, there are some other important reminders of which individuals should be aware concerning Facebook. These reminders include the following: 

●      Even if social media activity is marked as private, there are still many ways that investigators can obtain the information that is desired. In some situations, law enforcement in Los Angeles and the rest of California is able to obtain to search an individual’s phone records. In other situations, law enforcement might even stealthily create a fake profile and friend a user to obtain information.

●      Even if a statement is not self-incriminating, individuals must be careful to determine whether information obtained from the statement could later be used in conjunction with other details to mount a case against the individual.

How An Experienced Attorney Can Help 

It is important for individuals to remember that whatever is posted in a public forum like Facebook is considered public and can subsequently be used against the individual in a court of law. If you are involved in a case that involves an investigation that involves Facebook or other types of social media, consider. 

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